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    Audio clip quesiton


      I have this piece of audio from some footage I took with my camera.

      What I want to do is take that is part of a that I would like to loop as a soundtrack for some scenes.

      Unfortuantely, I am limited in how far I can stretch it in the timeline. Is there a way to stretch it out?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, there ARE ways, but using an audio editor, like Audition, or the free Audacity, would be better. Much will depend on how MUCH you need to stretch the Clip.


          I'd look into doing an assembly (creating a "loop" but not a "loop," as in loopology - something similar but different), and doing Fades between your segments.


          One can also place two (or more) Instances of the Audio Clip in an empty Audio Track, and then just do Fades from/to, with Audio Transitions, or via Keyframes.


          One can adjust the Duration, as with the Time Stretch Tool, and can choose to Maintain Pitch. However, the pacing will change. Do not know if PrE has the ability to Maintain Pitch, or not.


          Now, if one has Adobe Audition, they can create a Loopology loop, and then bring it into the Timeline (Audition) and lengthen it, but there is a bit of work here, and one should understand loopology.


          Good luck,



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            mundenbar Level 1

            Thanks again Bill.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Most welcome and happy editing.



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                mundenbar Level 1



                While we are talking about audio. I am interested in making my own musical soundtracks and I understand there are

                software programs one can use to create music.


                Here's the problem. I am not exactly musically inclined. Any recommendations?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  You are correct. There are several.


                  First, Adobe Audition, besides from being a great audio editor, offers about 6000 music loops (Loopology here), and can do a lot of music creation. Basically, you think a bit, add some loops, then listen. Lot of control


                  Magix has (or had) two, Music Studio, and Music Maker. Each uses similar technology, and Magix offers several DVD's of loops. With Music Maker, you can plug in some of the basics, and the themes, then add the loops from their series, and can do some neat stuff. Music Studio offers a module, Midi Studio, that interfaces with any Midi keyboard/interface, and one can basically play the keyboard to create sounds.


                  MS had an abandoned music creation program, but it is still available as "abandonware." I do not have it on the laptop, so will have to fire up the workstation tomorrow and give you the name, and hopefully the link. With it, you MUST install the patch, as it was originally time limited, and that time ran out a decade ago. With the patch, there is no time limit. Someone on Muvipix posted of a new MS product, but I cannot recall the name. There are a few similar old programs, like JamSession, and at least two more. The problem that I find with these is that they are full Midi, and unless one has a major DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with tons of "instruments," the sounds are rather rudimentary, and tinny to my ear.


                  Sony offers several, but I've never used them, so cannot comment.


                  There is a "music" forum at Muvipix, and many there can make other recommendations.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Garage Band is the state of the art for creating your own music of course -- but it's Mac only.


                    Meantime, don't forget to check out SmartSound Quicktracks, which comes bundled with the program. Technically you aren't creating music from scratch -- but, as I demonstrate in my books, the program will design a custom music track specific to your needs.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      I use SmartSound all the time, and love it. If one uses their software, Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition, the control is endless. Yes, you do need to use their music, and from only some of the "libraries," but when you do - no limits! Also their libraries cover all genres of music, and it would be a cold day, if one could not find something that fits the exact need.


                      As an FYI, Sonicfire Pro, unlike the QuickTracks in PrE/PrPro, is a stand-alone program, so one does need to Export/Share to a "reference file," do the mixing and editing of the music, then Export that for Import into the editor. There are a few extra steps here, but one would have about the same number, if using music creation application. SmartSound recently introduced Sonicfire Pro for FCP as a plug-in. I have contacted them about releasing a plug-in version for PrPro, and they tell me they are working on it. They were waiting for Adobe to release the SDK for CS5, and I believe that has been released. Maybe soon? If so, and it works as well as Sonicfire Pro stand-alone, that would be reason enough for me to recommend that everyone migrates to PrPro CS5.


                      As a second FYI, SmartSound is not a "music creation" program, per se, but is a very specialized editor for SmartSound music. For more info, this ARTICLE might be useful.


                      Also, though short notice, they are having a "sale" on a lot of their music until August 24, 2010. The sales have been coming more frequently. In years past, they usually had one in Oct and one in Feb, and that was about it.


                      Good luck,



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                        mundenbar Level 1



                        Playing with Audacity and imported the AVCHD video into the program. When I play it, the audio is sped up so fast that is sounds like

                        someone scratching a chalboard at light speed. Tried to go to effect but was unable to change the tempo. Any suggestions?

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Just a guess here, but I'd say that the AVCHD is most likely DD AC3 encoded, and Audacity is having trouble decoding that.


                          I use Adobe Audition, but have never used any AVCHD footage, so cannot comment. Now, I do a lot of editing of DD AC3 5.1 SS material in Audition, in the Multi-Track Mode, as I also encode to DTS for some Projects. I have never used Audacity for any AC3 encoded signals. Maybe someone else can comment. I'd also post to MUVIPIX, as there are many more Audacity users there, who probably have an instant answer, rather than me guessing.


                          Good luck,



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                            mundenbar Level 1

                            Thanks again Bill.


                            I will keep you posted.