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    Can't Install PM 7


      I was using PM7 a couple of years ago.  I got a new computer and never got around to

      reinstalling it until today.  My problem is that it won't install.  I put the CD in the

      drive, it pulls up the screen to select what to install (I select PM 7) and the progress box

      pulls up, it gets to 100% (loading the installation wizard) and then just stops.  It won't go any



      I'm running Windows XP and have 2 PM 7 CDs.  One says upgrade and the other says application.

      I try the one marked upgrade and the process I outlined above happens.  I try the one that says application

      and I get a "wrong volume in drive, insert correct volume" (or something to that effect).


      What am I missing or doing wrong?  I've got a document that I need to get into, but can't because PM won't install.