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    Are these typos in LiveDocs' logger sample code?

      In LiveDocs is this snippet:

      import mx.logging.targets.
      import mx.logging.
      private function initLogging():void {
      // Create a target.
      var logTarget:TraceTarget = new TraceTarget();
      // Log only messages for the classes in the mx.rpc.and
      // mx.messaging packages.
      // Log all log levels.
      logTarget.level = LogEventLevel.ALL;
      // Add date, time, category, and log level to the output.
      logTarget.includeDate = true;
      logTarget.includeTime = true;
      logTarget.includeCategory = true;
      logTarget.includeLevel = true;
      // Begin logging.

      When I drop that in a file FB2 gives me syntax errors on the imports
      unless I add an *. Then gives syntax error on the:

      until I close the quotes after each classname:

      I have a hard time believing they've turned out sample code with such
      obvious typos so perhaps a different syntax is in play?