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    Unable to use Adobe Reader 9.3.3. to open pdf document.


      I have a desktop PC using a new and legal copy of Windows 7 OS (upgraded from Windows Vista by [edited by host].).   Just downloaded AdbeRdr933_en-US.exe from the Adobe website - the Adobe "Download Manager" said that the installation is "successful."  I also registered the Adobe Reader at the Adobe website.   Now, when I use "Open With" to open a PDF file using Adobe Reader, I get a progress bar along with the message "Please wait while the Adobe Reader 9.3.3 Update Setup is being processed,"  then everything goes blank and nothing happens (the PDF file just sits there, but does not open).   Every time I try to open the PDF file, the same thing happens all over again.   I get the progress bar, then the message about the Update Setup being processed, and then nothing!  Do you have any suggestions?