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    Bottom/Top field can be changed during upscaling?

    Giorgio1957 Level 3

      Hi everyone,

      I have a new project with two different stuffs:

      PAL 1920x1080 interlaced/TOP field from an HD camera and

      PAL 720x576 interlaced/BOTTOM field from an old one.

      Project must be realize as BD.

      So I'm (I HAD TO) upscaling the 720 to 1920 with TmpgeXP.

      For best results (I know, when we speak about upscaling, best is a big word!) should I keep  the native field or may I change?

      Don't know if is better working on a project with stuffs having different fields or it does not matter.

      Anyway BD output project will be an H.264 (top field).