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    Pivot Point in "Rotate 3D"


      hi all,

      is there a way to change the pivot point in "rotate 3d" (timlines/add action)?

      i have no problems to set a new pivot point with the transform/rotate tool. works well.

      but in rotate 3d it rotates around the center of the object.

      an example, think of a picture that rotates around a pole.


      have a creative day

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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

          Not sure that this accomplishes what you're after.  Though, with a 'move' and 'rotate' along with the 'rotate 3d' it may come close.


          You can change the center point of the object by selecting the 'transform tool' and then dragging the center point of the object.


          This doesn't seem to affect the 3d rotation pivot point, but you can '2d rotate' the position on the artboard around this new center point.



          Would be great if the 'Rotate 3D' used this new center point.


          Anyone else?

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            erdi65 Level 1

            i found an other way to solve this. i have created the picture frame in an 3d app and saved the animation as movie. import as a flash file, this should work better then the 3d rotation in catalyst

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              Ormon G Level 1

              Can you animate around the pivot in 2d, because I certainly can not get that to work!

              Whats the secret.

              I know you can move it, and rotate manually in to place but when it comes to the transitions it still wants to move around the center of the object.

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                erdi65 Level 1

                You need 2 Pages/States. In Page 1 click on the Object you want to rotate.

                Hit "Q" on your Keyboard. Now you can rotate around the Center.

                You can also click and drag the Center Point / Pivot outside your object.


                Settings can be made in the Properties Window and the Timeline (rotation, duration speed...)

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                  Ormon G Level 1

                  Thank you for the reply.

                  Unfortunately it doesn't answer my question.

                  I DONT want to animate rotating around the center. I have offset the pivot of an object and rotated around that from state 1 to state 2. But the animation interpilation ignores this and still rotates around the center of the object to get from state 1 to 2.


                  I want the object to swing in to the canvas from its bottom corner but I can't get it to honor where I put the pivot during the actual build of animation.


                  I am beyond frustrated with the limitations of Catalyst. If I have to go to Flash Builder to add any type of specific function, whats the point, as FB

                  is 10 times more complex to me than Flash ever was. The reason I am not messing with Flash is that I don't want to screw with code.

                  but I guess I might as well just stick with Flash as in Catalyst

                  I can't

                  Use Gifs

                  Animate around a changed pivot

                  Scale a bitmap thats a button (come on really...)

                  Unreliable results with swf files that have multiple bitmap images in them.

                  Any type of slightly advance animation, such as ...move a background around to loop,  when I am in a static state.

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                    LArtJunky Level 1

                    It appears I'm trying to do the same thing.


                    Changing the center point in 3D rotate doesn't seem to want to work.

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                      LArtJunky Level 1

                      Is there a way to change the default center point of a graphic?

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                        AdeptDigital Level 2



                        Maybe I am not getting what you are looking to do but I would put the object in question into a Custom Componet with a larger transparent object shifting the center point to another location.  For example if you have a 200 by 200 square that you are looking to rotate on the bottom right corner, why not put it into a Custom Component along with a transparent 400 by 400 rectangle with the item you are looking to rotate in the upper left corner.  The component's rotation point would be in the middle of the 400 by 400 square but from the point of view of the viewer the 200 by 200 image would rotate on the bottom right corner.


                        I tend to try to over simplify problems unless they require a more complex solution so this is my take.  If you are having issues moving the rotation point from the center to where you want why not change the overall size of the object shifting the "center" rotation point to where ever you want?


                        Hope this helps,


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                          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                          Just_BE's solution is probably the best. During Peter Flynn's session at MAX in 2010, he walks through something very much like that problem. Here is the presentation: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/max-2010-design/mastering-flash-catalyst/


                          You need to fake the registration point, this is one area that Flex tends to fall short in.


                          I think some of these issues might addressed in next version of Flash Catalyst.



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                            LArtJunky Level 1

                            Thanks to the both of you.