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    Component with JPA

    Richard Wegier Level 1

      Hi everybody


      We just built a component that uses JPA for data access. We use the javax.persistence library. The JPA configuration file (persistence.xml) and the generated entity classes are packed within the jar-file of the component. Unfortunately the LiveCyle environment does not seem to recognize the mentioned files within the jar file. To get it running we had to deploy a web project (war-file) that only includes the mentioned files. With this work-around LiveCycle knows the the files and we can establish a connection to the Oracle database successfully.


      My question is, if there is a better way to get a component that uses JPA connected with the database? For me it would be much better if I only would have to deploy the component jar.


      Any comments are welcome


      Best wishes, Richard

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          Hi Richard,

          Unfortunately I have no answer to your question, I rather have a few questions for you actually:

          - Did you eventually manage to use JPA satisfactorily, ie. without having to create a separate war file? If so, how?

          - Do you connect to the LiveCycle database, or to another one? I you connect to the LiveCycle database, would it be possible for you to post your persistence.xml file?


          Kind regards,

          Guillaume Pothier