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    Timeline and display

    hciguy Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am wondering if someone can help. In Flash 8 and earlier, I would load data from a server-side script and then as the user made actions, either use goToAndPlay()/goToAndStop() actions to move along as necessary or else make a movie clip visible/invisible. In AS 3.0, how do you do it? Do you still make various frames that have things and via Actionscript do goToAndPlay/goToAndStop? Or is there a better way now?

      Also, I used to copy existing movie clips when I needed them but it seems like that is not the way now. How I can make one movie clip that I will reuse with various data in them? Can I create new instances of a library item on the fly in AS 3.0?

      Thanks for any help! Just wondering the change and how it is done in AS 3.0 vs. AS 2.0 ...
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          as3 is significantly different from as2 and this is not the appropriate place for a tutorial on as3. check some of the tutorials at senocular.com and some of the gskinner blogs and the flash help files to get started with as3.

          to load data, check the urlloader class.

          the goto methods still exist.

          you can still instantiate library items in as3. you now assign movieclips to classes and use the "new" constructor to dynamically instantiate movieclips, for example.
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            hciguy Level 1
            Hi kglad,

            I wasn't looking for an entire tutorial, just a general idea. I've looked on senocular and been reading my O'Reilly books too and have come across some things. I did see that I can associated a class with a movie clip in the library. I'll do that.

            Are to goToAndPlay/goToAndStop still used? Not depriciated?

            Just wondered. Sorry if these are too general.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              they are still ok to use but they are also still gotoAndPlay/gotoAndStop and case still counts.