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    ExportFilter in PublishingServices?

    L. Hagen Level 1

      Dear Adobe,


      ExportFilters are really nice in the basic concept, because they are the only way to modify some limited values of an exported photo. But why they are not supported by the publishing service?


      Yesterday I tried to modify a photo BEFORE its being published, and it failed because there is no function/hook to access a photo before it is going to be processed. Not really fine but ok...


      Now today I tried to modify the photo AFTER it was rendered with an ExportFilter. And it failed again, because it seems to be not supported by the publishing service...


      So how can I access and modify photos within the publishing service. I'm sure that I'm not alone with this request and/or question. The publishing services are really nice, but they are useless when the only task of the publishing service is to upload to any location but with a more limited functionality as the native export.


      Now I'm more than frustrated!