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    Embedded font is not rendered using TLF


      HI there,


      I am having a large problem using the TLF in a Flex 3.4 project.

      I am using an .otf font, compiled as .swf which i am embedding via a CSS Stylesheet that is also compiled to an swf and loaded during runtime.


      If I am using a regular Flex component like Text or Textarea the embedded font is displayed correctly.

      But if I use the same font with the TLF it does not get rendered. the TextFlow does display it as the System default font.

      I do not get any error messages.


      Here are some code excerts:

















      src: url("../fonts/MetaProFonts.swf");


      fontFamily: "MetaPro-Norm";







      color: "0x003399";


      fontFamily: "MetaPro-Norm";


      fontWeight: "normal";


      fontSize: "18";


      paragraphSpaceBefore: "0";


      paragraphSpaceAfter: "0";



      all Attributes except the font itself are being displayed correclty.


      Here the font is being displayed correctly



      text="This should be meta" styleName="lbHeadline"/>



      Whilst in the TLF it isn't


      I was trying this also by using the SimpleEditorWithCSS example from the TLF Site


      Any help would be appreciated.