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    How does Air create threads?

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      I have the following problem:


      I wrote a simple Videoplaying App. The user can choose between 4 videos, and play one. If the movie ends, the app goes back to the start screen.


      The problem is, if the video is started, I see in the "Activity Monitor" in OS X, that 3 new threads in my air app are started. If I close the video, only 1 thread is removed from the app. What means, that with every movie played in the video, 2 new threads are added, until the app crashes...



      So, to find the problem (something will be added and not cleanly removed...) I wanted to know, how Air creates threads. Or how this threads are handled.



      This is how I start the Video. The class MovieView handles the video loading and playing.

      moviePlayer = new MovieView(this);



      When the movie finished, I removeChild(moviePlayer);



      I'm thankful for any help, because this is a big problem for me.



      Greetings from Europe