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    How to use Cairngorm for accessing Server side code of Java

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I got very much familair with therotical part related to using Cairngorm 2.2 version Framework for contacting java Objects on server side .


      Unfortunately all the examples in web which were using caringorm are actually incomplete or those belong to coldfusion  . Can anybody please point out to a Complete Working example related to cairngorm with J2EE .


      Please don't point out to Adobe tutorial of Cairngorm by Steve , i have gone through it and learned nothing from that to be frank .


      Or i request i adobe to post some examples related to Caringorm with Java .


      Thanks in advance .

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          flex4 Level 2

          Hi Kiran


                    See u know how to call serverside java objects from remoteobject?  If u know that every thing same that replace coldfusion and place ur java stuff



                    but nothing will change at client side cairngorm architecture.. use blaze ds server to connect with the server and make a remote call to the server and have fun.


                   i think u know how to initialize services in cairngorm framework and make some struff on delegate and call serverside java methods from remote object service.



                    u can try this dont try for examples in the net or something.. u have a complete knowledge on cairngorm framework .. and just u want to develop j2ee applications ..


                    make try with sample applications with j2ee server.. its very easy and little interesting.. make some pojos in serverside to communicate with the database and call that methods..



                      i think this will help u and i dont have perfect example for serverside java code...


                         this is not and example in cairngorm and java .. but u know cairngorm  and i am posting here only the tutorial how to communicate with java methods



                   read this article    http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/file_upload.html