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    need soultion for this?

    welcomecan Level 1

      hai friends,

             is this possible to collect indivial data in mutltidimension array


           for example




      In this 2 one array





      i need that specfic data {wel1,wel2}  display in combobox.



      give example

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          ccay Level 1

          You could create an array collection like this:

               answersArray = new ArrayCollection([
                    {Question:"1", Answer:"One"},
                    {Question:"2", Answer:"Two"},
                    {Question:"3", Answer:"Three"},

                    {Question:"4", Answer:"Four"}



          and access the values like this:


               var question:String = answersArray.getItemAt(i).Question;

               var answer:String = answersArray.getItemAt(i).Answer;

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            welcomecan Level 1



            my question

            resdata1 and rulename is array

            ruleName.length is 5.

            newcb is combobox id.

            spko_value include something







            i want to collect data and display in combobox