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    Drawbacks to a flash web site


      I would like to know the drawbacks to a flash web site.  I know search spiders have gotten better at recognizing flash web sites.  Is load time faster / slower than a traditional web site?  I have heard drawbacks for doing a full web site with a lot of content.  However, I have seen some really nice flash web sites.  It appears that these web sites all look better in flash.  So, I am not sold on a pure html site as being the best solution.  Opinions?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Because you can load content dynamically and can use native Flash graphics, you can make very efficient Flash designs that would likely have you waiting a good while for an html equivalent to finish loading.  A well implemented Flash design can't be beat... but there are a good number of poorly implemented designs that lead to Flash getting a bad reputation.


          Probably the only drawbacks to using Flash are the negative opinions you run into when you ask for them.  I know if you ask the same question in the Dreamweaver forum you are likely to get a bunch of Flash-bashing responses that play like broken records.  Some still feeding you myths from years gone by.

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            toolmania1 Level 1

            I am not a newb to flash, but I am far from an expert.  Any suggestions on where to start learning about creating a solid flash web site.  I can maneuver the time line, do a little action scripting already, create symbols, etc.  But, the advanced topics is where I would like to learn more.  But, I need to make sure I have the fundamentals down first.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If I could recommend any one resource to you as a guide to best practices I would, but I can't.  I am not a book person, so recommending something from that aspect is outside my abilities--maybe someone else knows of some author/text that does a good job of explaining good versus bad practices.


              One way to gain good information is to visit forums and follow postings, or even start your own if you have a wondering about a good way to do something.  In my opinion, these Adobe Flash forums are very good because if someone is giving you bad information, often someone else is likely to step in and correct it, and you can also get different solutions offered.  I am sure others here can identify other good forums (I don't travel much).


              I often see bad practices being used in web-based tutorials.  I know of one site/forum (I won't name it) who's creator is very proud (of both the site and themself), but regularly offers bad practices in tutorials and forum responses.  So there are times you have to go for awhile with what you know/learn until you find out better.


              Time and experience are truly where you will pick up on the best practices for Flash design.  One way to get a good start is to learn AS3... it not only makes you current, it helps you avoid some bad practices that still flourish for AS1/AS2.


              Your best bet for learning the advanced topics is to define a project that involves them and dig in.  You can find good help here if you have good information with which to present a problem.  And if you want good tutorials, there are some good resources for them.  I have learned about interacting with xml and databases from some the ones found at gotoandlearn.com.

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                toolmania1 Level 1



                I agree with you.  I will just start on my site and then ask questions in here.  It looks like this forum is more responsive than another one I tried ( which I also won't list ).




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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  To get the best help in these forums you should remember to provide the best help you can in identifying your needs/problems.  I can tell you right off that if you post a question like "how do I build a gallery?", you will likely get an equally generous response "search Google using "gallery" "... but if you come in saying...  "I am building a gallery.... here's the problem.... here's the error message I get.... here's the section of code related to it..."... you're more likely to get your problem solved.

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                    iranten Level 1



                    I don't want to tom-tom....but this is my web site...totally in Flash:



                    If you can navigate around, you'll find some parts are in html also


                    I am not a flash coder.

                    I am a photographer and designer....


                    Point being...i want to present stuff to my clients the way i want to.


                    And my site is indexed on Google.


                    Hope that helps



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                      toolmania1 Level 1



                      All good points, thanks!


                      I have noticed postings in the past sometimes get no responses.  Maybe that is why.  I will make sure to get directly to the point for now on where appropriate.




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                        Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        There are some postings that no one has an answer for, for any of a variety of reasons... incomprehensible questions (what?), great expectations (asking for too much), off topic questions (car won't start), letting off steam (whining incessantly), etc... and occasionally, a question comes up that no one can answer, and no one will say so for fear that someone else might actually come along with an answer.


                        One thing folks sometimes forget or don't realize to begin with... these are user to user forums, not user to expert forums, though some experts do spend a good amount of time helping here (I don't consider myself one of them... but I help when I can... which turns out to be alot so far).  Everyone that participates here is human, carrying all the varieties of good and bad qualities that come with it.  So as long as you remember that, and treat people the way you want to be treated, you'll most often be in good company.

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                          toolmania1 Level 1

                          Ya, that is true.  I can answer a few things on a different forum.  But, sometimes, I am stumped also.


                          Forums are usually pretty fun to get into and informative if people are involved.  I have been in a few where some people are yoyos.  So, those are not as nice to belong to.  This one seems pretty good so far :-)