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    Migrating from Breeze to Connect 7.5


      It was given me this mission to migrate all the rooms, users and presentations database from Breeze server to be used in the new Connect server. Anyone can give me any clue, advice, hint...? I have no idea of how can I do it.

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          Jesst124 Level 1

          I will be out of the office starting  13/08/2010 and will not return until



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            Heyward Drummond Level 3

            It is quite easy to move the content from one server to another. The most important step is to make sure you shut down the Adobe Connect server and do a DB backup at the same time.


            All you need to do – once shut down – is to make a copy of the c:/Breeze/content folder and take a DB backup. Once you have your new instance up and running you simply import the DB and copy over the content folder.


            Your content is in the folder system while your user information and IDs and license information is located in the database so when you restore it all gets brought over.