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    How become profeshional

    Mycoding Level 1

      Please give me advice how become professinoal in FLex ?

      books, resourses and other?

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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          Create pet projects for yourself , preferably ones that contain a facet of Flex/AS3 that you haven't used before.  This will expand your proficiency with the language when there is no pressing cause. For example , my pet project is going to use video when completed , but others may involve things like remote services , modules and so forth.


          Learn a framework , dependency injection based , so you can develop faster. Without reinventing the wheel.


          STUDY application architecture , bad architecture can sink an application/project and good architecture helps solve problems before they rear their ugly head.  I've seen bad architecture destroy projects , and contrary to popular belief , these deficiencies don't resolve themselves over time or disappear.



          Google is your friend.

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            Learning how to spell, is also important.