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    WebHelp search generated by RoboHelp 8 not working in Safari 5.0

    dan_riv Level 1



      I'm new to the forum, but have been lurking for a  while, and have benefitted greatly  from answers found here.  Thanks!


      I use RoboHelp 8 HTML - recently upgraded from X5  - to generate WebHelp for a  cross-browser compatible web app.   I generate using the DHTML > Pure HTML  option, and Safari is using the DHTML  version. I use 'traditional style (no skin),' 'Optimize speed for: Local PC or  Intranet'.


      The Help seems to work fine in Safari for Windows, but now with the recent  update to Safari 5.0, the Search functionality is not working at all. The search  tab displays properly, but upon entering text and pressing Enter, nothing  happens.  It works in all other major browsers, except Opera which gets the Pure HTML version, and there I hid the search tab all together because it's unacceptable in that state.


      The only customization I've done is swap out the  tab images, and insert a little css to  hide (display:none;) the "limit search results to __" option as it was getting  cut off in every browser, and I couldn't figure out why, or how to fix  it.


      Any ideas?  Anyone else seeing this?

      Thanks for your anticipated help!