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    Buttons will not control Movice Clip


      For some reason I can not get any Flash document to allow buttons to control movie clips. I might have a coding error or something is wrong with my system.  I've got an interactive map with the counties of a state as buttons.  The buttons control a movie clip that runs info on each county.  I have some other variables and things going on and figured that might have something to do with it. So I just created a test file with 1 movie clip and 1 button.


      The movie clip has a stop action on frame 1 and frame 5.  It is just a box that is different colors per frame.  I've tried several methods and I'm not getting a result from anything.  This is an AS 2 file.


      Button has an instance name of btn and the movie clip is mc.  There is only 1 frame in the main timeline.


      First method was adding the script to the button.  This didn't work...

      on (press) {




      Second Method, I placed the actions on frame one of the main timeline.

      btn.OnPress = function() {





      That didn't work either.  I even made a AS 3 file and used a Mouse Event, this didn't work either.  I have older files that have the same code and do work, but no new files I create with work.  I haven't been working in flash for about 2 years, so I might be missing something due to the rust in my brain.