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    Removing PDF Security Settings ??

      1) Out of curiosity, an expert responded earlier to a post in this forum suggesting that one can remove the PDF security settings by using Adobe Acrobat (NOT Adobe Reader).
      Is that true ??
      2) If I distribute a Read-only, password-protected, Blocked PDF file:
      ..a. Can someone with average knowledge of Adobe products easily remove the security settings of the file ??
      ..b. ONLY those with advanced knowledge can do that.  Correct ??
      ..c. Can someone with only the free Adobe Reader unlock the file and disable the password protection ??
      3) I'm sure someone must have posted here or on the internet a step-by-step how-to !!
      Password protection of VBA, Word, Excel, etc. documents are known to be unreliable, and I suppose the same can be said about PDF.
      Any comments ??
      PS. If the topic is a bit sensitive, please reply by a PM. Thank you.
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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. Correct. Reader cannot remove security but Acrobat can (if they have the password).

          2.(a): I wouldn't say "average but it can be done quite easily

          (b.) Not really

          (c.)No. Reader cannot remove security

          3. Basically without using some sort of Digital Rights Management, nothing is secure. There are free applications that can remove security and other PDF readers may even ignore it to begin with.


          So if you absolutely need security, studay up on Digital Rights Management and get out the checkbook because it isn't cheap by a long shot.

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            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            It doesn't take much specialized knowledge to search on Google to find applications that can remove password protection from a pdf file.