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    Using cyrillic characters in cfdocument




      I'm currently developing on a CF8 single installation on a RedHat AS 4 machine using apache.


      I have a multilingual web app that requires the on the fly creation of .pdf files, and those .pdf files require some if not all of their content to be presentable in languages using Cyrillic characters. I have all this working and it's very efficient, except for 1 problem.


      The only way I can get the cyrillic characters to be correctly included in the .pdf is to take for example the Arial.ttf font from a WinXP box and install it in the CF fonts directory: /opt/coldfusion8/runtime/jre/lib/fonts, by default there are only 5 versions of the Lucinda font.


      So my question is, seeing as I don't think I can use the MS Arial.ttf, since TrueType fonts are under MS trademark, is there a solution to this using any free fonts? It would be much better if I could find a solution using a single font supporting unicode that can display such languages as Macedonian, Russian and Polish, as well as th Sinitic languages, (I know the syntax is different, but it would be nice to have the option)


      Hope someone can help!