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    100% for major containers - any problems?


      I'm considering using 100% for all the major layout containers of my application because each major interaction will have different sized visual objects - I'd like the application to use as much of the person's screen as possible.


      Are there any foreseable drawbacks to this approach in your experience?


      Thank you.

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          Ansury Level 3

          All I can say is-- I've done it before.  I'm not sure what you mean by "major containers" (Application or containers inside of Application?), and it also would depend on how you're doing your layouts to begin with.  If you're using absolute layouts (x/y coords) you may end up with all your components in the upper-left of the screen if you're dynamically sizing your Flex app (movie) itself.


          So I'd say it depends on your requirements (what range of screen resolutions do you intend to support?), and the complexity/size of your UI.  Dealing with UI layout when you have to be compatible with a large range of monitor resolutions is an overall UI design challenge for all applications and websites (not just Flex) so there isn't any 'correct' answer.  I've done constant-size UIs before (for compatibility with low resolutions like 1024x768) and simply centered the UI on the screen--this lets you support low resolution users easily while still looking 'okay' for very high res users since it's centered.


          Also, I probably wouldn't recommend it for a complex app, but you could experiment/test with using Flash scaling (scaleX/scaleY IIRC) to enlarge components when the swf size is very large (this works but it can cause some issues with things like popups if you aren't careful).


          It's hard to give a more exact answer without an understanding of your overall container structure and hierarchy.

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            dougieweb Level 1

            They have some low-rez and some very hi-rez monitors.  Our lowest common denominator is 1024 x 768.  So far the application is responding well during development to the 100% size in my HGroup and BorderContainer, but I'll have to try it on other resolutions.  I'm developing in 1280x1024. 


            The two parts to the application are 1)interactive diagram with tooltips over about 20-30 textAreas, 2) click on a textArea to view a swf interactive animation created in Captivate.


            Thanks for your help.  Seems like I'll need to try a few things.  Nice thing about Flex is that it seems easy to make some major changes.



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              Ansury Level 3

              I've had success by simply centering the application itself in the window, at resolutions between 1024x768 to 1920x1200 (although the latter leaves a bit of space on all the edges, it can't be helped, and still looks acceptable).