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    horizontal strip that moves with the users mouse.

    dtrace Level 1
      Basically, I have a photo gallery, on a long horizontal strip. I want the user to navigate this strip by simply moving their mouse to the right to make it move right, and moving their mouse to the left to make it move left.

      I know that there is a way to do this where you track the mouse whereever it is on the stage...but I'd only like it to be only active when it is over this particular strip.

      Also, each thumbnail on this strip has a rollover effect. I would like to have that roll over effect stay active...

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          I'm no professional but i was kinda looking for a tutorial for something like that..this is what i found..
          the button part won't work with Action Script 3.0, but for the slip part, maybe add a restriction like only onClipEvent when _xmouse and _ymouse is over this area. or make that slip an object or a movieclip and put the panorama code on that. The roll over is simple, that's not related to the frame script but a seperate code for each thumbnail... That my idea, and most probably wrong.
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            use an onMouseMove() to check if there's a positive hitTest between the mouse and your strip. if yes, increment your strip's _x property proportional to the difference between your _xmouse and Stage.width/2.

            arrange your strip's registration point on the strips left edge. then if your strip's _x is less than its _width+Stage.width assign it's _x property to be its _width+Stage.width and if it's _x property is greater than 0, assign its _x property to be 0.