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    Render Queue keeps exporting 1 single frame

    nyumeddei Level 1

      I have been trying to be a big boy and exporting image sequences as my master sequence, but i have been having this issue lately with  targa sequences. I press render, the program hangs (i get a beach ball) and then, TWINK, the render ends rendering one frame: the first frame. The workbar is set for the entire comp. I thought it might be something with time machine, so i excluded Adobe products from being scanned by it. Sometimes rebooting the program helps. I have tried other image sequence files types, and this happens to them as well. I export as a H264m and it works. I wonder what i am doing wrong.


      Macpro 4,1.

      Intel Quad Core

      8GB memory

      Geforce GT 120

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          nyumeddei Level 1

          So i turned off multiframe rendering and it works now. I have 1.5 gigs of memory per instance of AE as the setting and it still doesnt work well?  i must have some setting wrong.


          I would be surprised with 6 gigs out of 8 gigs total of memory allotted to CS5, multiframe rendering would not work.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            i must have some setting wrong.


            Yes, that setting is called Mac. Cheap Apple bashing aside, consider the facts: If different output formats yield the same behavior, then it cannot be that, can it? So the fault is with the source footage or indeed some setting or even an effect. In turn therefore the only logical conclusion is: When rendering to H.264 it only works, because the program is smartly automatically turning off MP usage, effectively making this a single core render. I doubt you are using odd resolutions, as then H.264 wouldn't work. So that leaves the source footage. Pretty much the only times I have heard of this behavior is with CameraRAW and RED files, but it may also affect other formats. this may eitehr be excessive memory consumption in one of the loaders, or, which happens with MP, the program needing to duplicate and copy temporary source files for each render instance and that not working for some reason, possibly simply disk space shortage.... The power of logical deducation.... BTW, similar behavior may apply, if specific audio formats are involved. Whatever it is, do check this stuff. I'm sure it's easy to fix by using otehr formats or running pre-conversions on the footage.



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              nyumeddei Level 1

              hey, i work with what i got, and at work, i have a mac pro.


              trying out different formats yielded the same results, (1 frame being rendered and AE binging ALL DONE) so i believe you are right, there is something off with the source footage (it is h264 VBR for youtube). Does after effects have a preference for which codecs you edit with like how FCP doesnt like editing h264?


              do you think converting into say apple animation would make multiframe possible?


              all this trouble for a stinking watermark .