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    Anti-aliasing of device fonts in TextField is different in Flash 8 and Flash 10


      We have noticed that when we display a TextField with a device font (Verdana), that the antialiasing is different (and subjectively worse) when

      the app is compiled as a swf10 app than when it is compiled as a swf8 app.


      Below is the TextField when compiled and run as a SWF 10 file,  displayed in the 10.1 player. The font size was set to 12 point, magnified, to show that it uses grayscale antialiasing


      An below is the same code but compiled to a swf8 file (and run in the 10.1 player as well)



      You can see that when the file is compiled as SWF8, the device font is rendered with color pixels, I guess as an LCD font.

      Can anyone tell me why this is not being done for TextField when the app is compiled/run as SWF10 ??




      The code to instantiate the text field looks like


              var tf:TextField = new TextField();


                  tf1.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
                  tf1.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
                  tf1.sharpness = 0;
                  tf1.x = 100;
                  tf1.y = 50;


                  var fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
                  fmt.kerning = true;
                  fmt.size = 12;
                  fmt.font = 'Verdana';
                  tf1.embedFonts = false;
                  tf1.styleSheet = null;
                  tf1.defaultTextFormat = fmt;
                  var str = "Verdana";
                  tf1.htmlText = str;