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    Local Sandbox vs. ExternalInterface

    TheDollarBill Level 1

      So I wrote a CS4 Illustrator plugin that loads a SWF as its user interface.  Works great on the mac, but I am having a problem on Windows:

      The .swf needs to be compiled with the "-use-network=false" option set in order to access some files on the local machine.  HOWEVER when that option is set, all of my "Externalinterface" calls break down.  When "-use-network=false" is not set, then I can't access the local files, BUT my "externalinterface" calls (which communicate with the plug-in) work just fine.

      The SUPER frustrating part is that

      A) it works fine on the mac, and

      B) on window, I don't even need to set the "-use-network=false" option for the swf to access the files IF the .swf is loaded in explorer.


      I'm not sure if using AIR is possible, but I'm trying that next since AIR can access both local and network files without all the sand box hokey-pokey.

      Also CS5 is not an option for me for this project.


      Anyone got anything for me on this!?