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    export h.264 don't work like CS3 with quicktime???


      Hi gang,


      I update from premiere cs3 to cs5


      I set the same settings for the export of my leica:

      export settings:

      Format: H.264

      video settings: codec mainconcept H.264 video

      TV standard: NTSC

      Width: 640

      Height: 900

      fps: 24

      feild order: none(progressive)

      pixel: square

      profile: main

      level: 3.2



      these's are the same settings from cs3 but when i open in quicktime the picture is black, when i start scrolling i see my image, if i return from the frame 1 the image freeze, i start the play and the video and audio start. If I try to foward with the right arrow it goes straight to the last frame....???

      I cannot add multiple .mp4 back-to-back too


      i try with the format quicktime with a h.264 codec but the size of the movie is 5 time bigger.


      with my .mp4 exported from CS3 everything work well.


      do someone have these's issue already and can do something?

      need more info just ask