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    "Apply" text animation button grayed out


      PRE 8.0.1 normally doesn't allow me to animate text. I have gotten the text apply button to light up once or twice but it didn't apply the animation after rendering it.

      If i click "on" the text box or "Inside" the text box or even highlight the text in a text box followed by clicking on an animation, the apply button seldom lights up.


      I re-nstalled PRE 8.0.1 to no avail. I have the latest nVidia drivers for my pair of GTX 295's in an Alienware Area 51 with 6GB of RAM an 5TB of HD running Win 7 Ultimate 64Bit.


      Surely it isn't my PC system or Adobe software is it?


      Hopefully I'm just not clicking on the right thing in the right sequence. Any thoughts?