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    PPro CS5 and multiple GPU question

      First, this is what I use now:
      CORE2 QUAD Q9450
      3 GB DDR3
      GEFORCE 9600GT 1GB
      GEFORCE 8600GT 512MB
      1 500GB SATA SYS DRIVE
      WINXP 32


      3 MONITORS (left for media bins, center for timeline/editing, right for full screen previewing)


      Now I'm thinking of going to Win7 64 to take advantage of CS5 Production Prem. I don't want to do a complete rebuild- so I am going to make some minor upgrades to take advante of a 64bit OS and NLE.


      I am going to keep the CPU, but bring the ram up to 8GB DDR3 and add a GTX 460 video card for the CUDA needs of the Mercury Engine.


      Currently I use these three monitors to work. The center and right screen are run by the 9600GT (editing/previewing), and the left screen is run by the 8600GT (media bins). Since I can't find an affordable Adobe CS5 certified GPU that supports more than 2 monitors- I have to use two video cards. I want to do this instead:


      Pull the 8600GT and toss it on ebay. But I will continue to have 2 GPUs in the new machine: A GTX 460 to run the center and right screen, and the 9600GT to run the left screen for the media bins.


      OK, so on to the real question. As my PC stands now, I only need one driver to run these 2 Geforce cards. If I do what I am proposing- I will need a driver for the current 9600GT and one for the new GTX460 in Win 7. Will this work? And if so- what will Premiere choose as the GPU to run Mercury through? I want it to use the GTX as the main GPU for editing and monitoring, and the 9600 as an extra screen for bins only.


      Do GPUs work like ram, where your graphics will only run as fast as the slowest card installed? Sure, the easiest fix is to have 2 identical GTX cards in the machine- but for cost, power req, space, and heat issues I don't want to have to buy 2 GTX cards.




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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Nvidia gave the option to select the GPU that will handle Cuda requests with the last couple of drivers. Once you have the Nvidia driver installed, you can go into the Nvidia control panel. Under Manage 3D settings Gobal, you will see the Cuda GPU selection option. By default that is set to all. Just deselect the GPU you don't want to use for CUDA based applications and that should leave the 470GTX as the default card. Using multiple cards in independent mode for more than 2 displays can be somewhat problematic but it is doable and Win 7 handles it allot better than XP did.




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            ed_kishel Level 1

            that sounds good.  So this would work even if the PC needs two different drivers for two different video cards?  The one Nvidia control panel controlls multiple GPUs?  (I'm at work right now and can't check my own PC)

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Nvidia uses the same driver package for all of the Geforce cards. You should only need to install the driver once for both cards.




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                I do not want to hijack this thread, but I am going to be putting together a PC for editing and have a choice of either


                • purchasing the DeckLink Studio card (which has an HDMI output) to drive a third monitor (preview), and 
                • purchasing a GTX 460 card to drive the other two monitors


                • purchasing the DeckLink SDI card
                • upgrading the GTX 460 to a GTX 470, and
                • purchasing a second video card (like the GTX 240) to drive the third monitor.


                Can anyone comment on the relative merits of the two solutions?