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      hi *there would be a smily face here but it won't let me move the cursor to any point after a smily face*


      i wish i was rich so i could use TOTL adobe products.. *perfect* apps... god i loved PS6...


      i'm using a legacy edition of premiere elements, i don't want to say which bcs i don't want to be penalised *smily*



      i'm a software developer and use PE creatively.. a fair bit.. but some things make me really mental *smily*



      first off.. i develop music software (i cannot believe someone has used my handle already - www.xoxos.net) and do movies to explain software. usually my movies have audio content first, then video content which needs to be synchronised to the audio content.


      this is where my edition of PE drives be a bit insectguano, because in my edition, moving any video content shimmies up video content after it. this is soooooooo bad for me, if i have hundreds of tiny video clips and .png layers.. bcs i want them to be synchronised to their temporal location.


      i really really hope that the new edition of PE allows this, because it is sooooooo ********vital******** to being productive. we're not all filming our kids' soccer practice *smily*



      atm i am attempting (well, failing) to animate a character (stills on .png) for which i have 51 frames that need to be matched to audio, reused, et c.


      what would be cool is if i could take a 'profile' of one still (or clip) and apply it to another.. eg. if my character has 10 different facial expressions, i need to manually adjust motion: position and scale.. the same coefficients.. for each still/clip...



      overall, PE has an excellent shallow learning curve.. if i wait 6 months between projects i can still nose around it without having to spend 90% of the time in reference. it doesn't crash often and is well-featured.


      but there def. doesn't seem to be any consideration for people wh want their clips to stay where they are on the timeline in my edition!


      okay, it's the end of my message, now i can use the

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Do not hesitate to mention your version of PrE. I am still using PrE 4, and PrPro 2.0. The reason that I mention the version # is that Adobe has made some changes in how things work. It will be easier to tell you how to do things, if we know the exact version. Now, if it's a bit older, say than PrE 3, it might take some interpolation on your part, or someone, who remembers just how that version worked. Still, we should be able to get by.


          As for your editing, one feature (been in PrPro for some versions now), that would help greatly is Track Locking. This allows one to set the order and edit, say the Audio, and then Lock it. No matter what you do then, nothing will happen on that Locked Track. I have campaigned for Track Locking in PrE, since I picked up the program, because I use it so often in PrPro. PrE takes on a different philosophy, that the average user will likely want the Audio and Video to interact together. In an earlier version of another NLE program, they were never linked and many users screamed that they be linked for several versions. I think that Adobe took that a bit too far, but that is just me.


          Now, in later versions of PrE, one can do quite a few things, that pretty much unlink the Video from the Audio. By default, if you adjust the In, or Out Point on any muxed Clip, both the Audio and Video will be altered. However, you can do things like an Alt-click on just one stream, to unlink them temporarily. Also, if you have, say a music Track, you can leave it untouched, by working on the Video Clips, muxed, or not. You can keep any change from Rippling, with the Ctrl-key.


          PrE is basically set up to have a Soundtrack (whether one uses that fixed Track, or not) added AFTER the Video is edited. For most folk, that workflow works fine. In your case, basically creating "music videos," it is not quite so easy. Given everything, if I were doing a music video, I would most certainly go to my PrPro. Now, that's easy, since I also own a copy of that program.


          what would be cool is if i could take a 'profile' of one still (or clip) and apply it to another.. eg. if my character has 10 different facial expressions, i need to manually adjust motion: position and scale.. the same coefficients.. for each still/clip...

          If I am following here, at least in versions from PrE 4 to PrE 8, you can do this. One would set up, say Effects, on one Clip. Then Rt-click on it, and choose Copy. Now, Select all other Clips, to which you wish to apply those Effects, Rt-click on them, and choose Paste Attributes. If necessary, you can still go in and adjust the parameters of those other Clips. Things can get a bit tricky, if one has Keyframed Effects over time. So long as the source Clip and the destination Clips are the same Duration, the Keyframes come over just fine. If the source Clip is shorter, then the Keyframes will end before the end of longer destination Clips. They can be easily moved about, but that IS more handwork. If the duration is the other way around, it can be tough to get to the Keyframes, that are now out beyond the last Frame of shorter Clips.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Have you looked into the animation tools in Photoshop CS5? You use the "onion skin" tool to line up one frame with the next.

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              itsaname Level 1

              thank you  *smily* *lol @ smily bug*



              ftr PE3.. so i can't copy effects (knowing that they can be copied to a 'rubber band' of clips in future versions is a plus!)



              my vid made it here.. it was easier once i decided to forego zooms on my character *smily* - it's pretty awful, which is how it was supposed to be.




              i think my best bet is to look for an animation proggie.


              my 'career' has been founded on mostly freeware audio development.. i spent the last nine monthsw living in a tent.


              i'm hoping that i'll be able to find a copy of PS6 on ebay sometime for less than $100, when i have that much. i've been gang stalked for the last five years by DHS and others, losing all my possessions, my house, two laods of audio studio equipment, and, while my contributions to culture have won prizes and been internationally lauded, reviewed in dozens of magazines, the capitalist world generally doesn't want to know *smily*


              all the best,