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    Recording a surround sound cd/dvd for home theater


      I am trying to burn a 5.1 surround sound cd/dvd with different audio in each channel.  I have created the file without any problems and it will play on my computer in surround sound.  When I burn the cd/dvd (I have tried both) all of the audio plays in all channels. How do I burn the file onto a disc so that it will play correctly as surround sound in my home theater?

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          I know this question was asked ages ago, but I'm sure others are probably looking for an answer too (as I was over a year ago, when I started working with Audition 3).


          In my experience, there is no way to directly export a functional 5.1 file from Audition.  You can surround mix a file using the surround panner, but you can't export in the file format used by most home theater systems (.ac3 - Dolby Surround Sound).  My solution was to track down a standalone encoder, although there may be pugins available to allow Audition to do this.  After surround mixing, I export to 5 mono wav files and then drop them into this absolutely ancient program called Soft Encode, which creates a single, interleaved .ac3 file out of my source files.  Then, I take the .ac3 file, create a blank video the same length, and use my video editor to burn them to a DVD.


          From what my research turned up, the reason Audition does not have the capability to export in .ac3 is because of the expense of licensing with Dolby.  I would love to see a more sophisticated surround panner in AA4, as well as the ability to natively export .ac3 files, but by the same token, I don't want to see a skyrocketing price, so I'm waiting to see what happens!