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    Is this pc good enough for me to use for edit my videos?

    salimba Level 1


      I just need someone to conform me that the pc im getting is good enough to edit my videos with!

      Program:Adobe premiere pro cs5 ofcourse

      Win 7 64bit ultimate

      Intel® Core i7 860 (2,80 Ghz, 8 MB cache)

      ASUS P7H55D-M EVO

      8 GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666 (2x4GB) Corsair

      ATI® Radeon® 5670 1 GB 2xDVI/HDMI + HDTV/HDCP (Asus)

      Miditower Antec Sonata III (Quite) With 500 Watt

      corsair power supply 400w cx

      and I will be using 3 HDD 150Gb 150GB and 1TB

      First 150GB HDD will be use for OS,programs and pagefiles

      The other 150GB HDD will be used for media and project

      And the last 1TB HDD will be used for all my junk file music, export videos,previews and media chache


      Is this good enough?