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    How did you get your first Flex developer job???

    jerry98225 Level 1

      Hi guys..

         I know it might not be relevant for this forum, but I am dying to know how you guys get your first flex developer job. I am actually more interested in your resume. What sort of skill did you guys put on your resume? Thanks for the reply....:D

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          Ansury Level 3

          Started as a pure "Java/J2EE" dev.  Rebelled and added Flex to my skill set (since JSP is sin on par with 'AJAX frameworks'), started new project using Flex.


          In other words one way is to take ownership of a Java (or other) project, and force the bast... er, have your project team use Flex.   he he


          But this is the long path, of course.  To start off in Flex (besides the obvious of looking for it by name) you'd probably focus on UI design skills/experience and competing (but crummy and old) front-end technologies, and then lobby for the Flex SDK on any new projects that come along (assuming it's a good fit).  I suspect you'd have a tougher time if you're going into an organization which already has some late-generation RIA tech in use, such as Silverlight or GWT (bleh), but the ones still saying "JSP" or "AJAX" and any other associated legacy HTML-type technologies are soft targets.