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    ADE mac laptop help please


      I have an intel based mac laptop OS X v10.6.4 and use Firefox v3.6.8. and downloaded the most recent flash player.  I am trying to read library epub books on my mac.  I have unintalled and reinstalled ADE too many times and I did it according to adobe's recommended steps.


      Here is the problem; I install the app but no set-up assistant runs.  Furthermore, when I open the app, all there is is a black screen and nothing at all in the menu bar. No options, no nothing.  I tried adobe chat and they couldn't help.


      note: I own a kindle and am aware that epubs "can't" be read on it. I would consider purchasing a nook or a sony if I could confidently get ADE going.


      ****Thank you for reading this and any help and advise is greatly appreciated****