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    PE 7 crashing when I click "Edit"

    Buddycat Level 1

      Just all of a sudden, I've gotten this problem.  Here are my specs:


      MS XP 2002

      Service Pack 3

      AMD 64 processor 3400+

      2.197 GHZ

      1.87G RAM memory


      Okay, I've been just peachy for the most part, working on various projects, until this latest one.  I just tested it again now - it only seems to be with this particular project.  Checking a previous one, it behaved fine.


      This latest project is made up of a series of short video clips, running mostly 1 - 1.5 minutes long.  So far, I've loaded about 11.  Then, all of a sudden, anytime I click "Edit", the program just disappears.  Doing some research on the Forums, I cleaned out all the broken links to clips in the Organizer that I've worked on with other projects that I deleted at some point.  I chose the clips by album, so that only the clips I'm using in this project are showing.  Same result.  Previous to that, I had at least been able to click on Edit, but when I clicked on the icon for a new title, the program crashed.


      I've defragged the hardrive, so that isn't the problem, either.


      If I delete all the clips and stills in the Organizer (except for my most current projects), would that cause a problem?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you got a good 30-50 gigabytes of free space on your hard drive?


          The programs needs plenty of breathing room -- even if your project files are on an external drive.


          BTW, are your project and media files on a drive other than your C drive? If so, there are considerations.


          Also, what kind of camcorder did your clips come from and how did you get them into your computer?


          Which project settings are you using for your Premiere Elements project?

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            Buddycat Level 1

            Currently, I have 105 G free.  All my files are on the same HD, which is to say, on my PC.  The clips are all various rips from DVDs I exported as DVD mpeg files.


            Project settings:  Standard - I never change them.  DV NTSC, 29.97 fps,

            Playback settings - Interlaced Frame, Display mode Standard

            Pixel ration .9, Lower field first, 30 FPS Drop frame timecode


            What else would you like to know?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Why are you not using the project settings for a DVD or Hard Drive camcorder?


              This source video format will need to be continually rendered as you work also. In other words, as you add this type of clip to your timeline, a red line will appear above your clips. Press Enter to render  whenever you see a red line. The red lines will turn green and the program will perform much more effectively.


              Another option is to convert these video clips to DV-AVIs, per the FAQs to the right of this forum. Once converted to DV-AVIs, these clips will NOT need to be rendered when you work with them in the program unitl you add an effect or transition to them.

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                Buddycat Level 1

                Uhhh, good question.  Lack of knowledge, I suppose. 


                I've seen those red lines, but didn't know what they were.  I was not aware of that function.


                Hmmm.  All these clips are from exports from captures and off home video DVDs.  Does converting clips to DV take up more HD space?  I'd assumed that's what would happen.  This explains some problems I may be having with some mpeg clips that I had to convert to AVI in order for the program to use them.  They came out a little jerky.


                I assume you can't change settings in mid-stream?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  I assume you can't change settings in mid-stream?


                  No. Project settings are established by the Preset, when one chooses New Project.


                  Now, some have had luck using a utility, Clipmate, to Copy all of a Timeline, start a New Project with the proper Preset, and then doing a Paste. This cannot be done via ClipBoard in Windows, and one needs the add-on utility.


                  A few have had luck by hacking the PREL file, and changing the settings, but this is a lot of work, is painstaking, and can end up with a corrupt PREL - always do this on a Copy, and not the original PREL, or all editing may well be lost. This is not for one just beginning, as so very much can go very wrong.


                  Good luck,



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                    Buddycat Level 1

                    Eh.  Not something I'm real keen on doing.   Anyway, I started a new project with the different settings as was suggested previously, and so far, it seems to be behavng itself, so - yay.  Probably cleaning out Organizer, doing a defrag (just because), and starting a new project with the different settings probably all contributed to it being okay - so far.  I'll have to look into the converting to DV-AVI, if it deesn't add to my HD space.  Thanks to everyone for their suggestions..

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                      Not something I'm real keen on doing.

                      I am glad to hear that. I wanted to point out the potential for that method, but also wanted to stress that there can be problems, unless on is very comfortable with editing XML, and following very specific requirements of the PREL file, to get it to work.


                      Mixing HD and SD is almost always problematic. Those problems can be with quality, but also with just editing.


                      If I were having to mix SD material in an HD/BD Project, I would use Red Giant's Magic Bullet InstantHD to uprez my SD material.


                      Good luck with the new Project,