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    retrieving data from different tables in the same time crash

    Deh Bontempos Level 1



      this is probably the wrong way to do it, but this is how I did:


      - I wanted a screen with 3 datagrids components retrieving data from 3 different tables.


      - I could make it work while enabling 1 or 2 of them.  When the 3 are enabled, I get this error:


      btw its a huge msg, I will trim it:


      ArgumentError: Can't find ManagedQuery or ManagedOperation named: getItems_paged     at mx.data::RPCDataServiceAdapter/executeQuery()[C:\depot\DataServices\branches\lcds_modeler 101\frameworks\projects\data\src\mx\data\RPCDataServiceAdapter.as:325]     at mx.data::RPCDataServiceAdapter/processDataMessage()[C:\depot\DataServices\branches\lcds_m odeler101\frameworks\projects\data\src\mx\data\RPCDataServiceAdapter.as:920]     at RPCDataServiceRequest/invoke()[C:\depot\DataServices\branches\lcds_modeler101\frameworks\ projects\data\src\mx\data\RPCDataServiceAdapter.as:1668]     at mx.data::DataStore/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::invoke()[C:\depot\DataServices\branches\lcds_m odeler101\frameworks\projects\data\src\mx\data\DataStore.as:3343] ...  it continues forever.


      the getItems_paged is a auto generated function inside the php class flex generates to handle the tables.


      Each of the datagrid is a custom component. I made so to avoid keeping a bunch of code lines in the main 'page'.


      Any suggestion to make it work smoothly?



      Thanks in advance,