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    flex 1.5


      I have to use code from flex 1.5, it works fine in the production server, but I have errors in the local one.
      I have installed fds2-lin, but in the production server they have flex 1.5. I am thinking if this could be down to the errors I have in the local server as:

      Access of possibly undefined property lastSelected through a reference with static type mx.controls:DataGrid.

      176: // set the selected Index to the currently default Customer
      177: customer_choose.selectedIndex=customer_choose.lastSelected;
      178: defaultCustomer = customers[customer_choose.lastSelected];

      And they are not in the production server.

      Basically, I am looking for flex 1.5 binary to install (preferred since I don't think they will change to flex 2 in the production server) or a guide to adapt flex 1.5 coding into flex 2.

      Thanks for your time.