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    Conditional text tags doing strange things - RoboHelp8 HTML


      Since upgrading to RoboHelp8 HTML I have had several issues appear over a period of time.

      I have applied service patches 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 for two of the issues but am still having other issues appear.


      Can anyone help me with conditional text tags that are behaving badly?



      I am having the issue in topics that already existed before the upgrade to RoboHelp8 from RoboHelp7 - both where text has already had a conditional text tag applied to it before the upgrade and where I have applied the conditional text tag after the upgrade.


      The issue has occurred where one word in a paragraph of text has had a conditional text tag applied to it and also when a whole paragraph has had the conditional text tag applied to it.


      I have found this issue to appear across several topics that have been created in earlier versions and opened into RoboHelp8 HTML.


      The Issue...

      Now to explain the actual issue to you... Make sure that you have understood the 'Background' section above...


      The condtional tags have applied themselves to text else where e.g. continuing down the page.

      In the screen shots below the first series are of the topic OK as they should be with four different conditions applied to them (light blue, green, pink, black), the second series is after a period of time when the topic has been opened again and the conditional text has gone wild and applied itself randomly - I might add here that the topic had been opened prior to this and been fine!


      Series one - should look like





      Series two - shouldn't look like

      In this particular case it is the black conditional tag that has reaaplied itself, but it has been variations of the other conditionals also else where.




      To resolve the issue (which may come back I might add) I am having to copy all text into Notepad, delete all text and apply the 'Normal' style to the topic and then re paste text in from Notepad.  This mostly works, but in somecases I will reopen the topic at a later date (after it has been ok when opened at other times) to find the crazy conditional again.

      If that does not work I delete and rebuild the topic page.


      Please help me!