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    Question about Omnigraffle stencils and Catalyst interaction


      Hello all,

           I am a graduate student studying IA and IxD and recently the lab at my university obtained a copy of Flash Catalyst. After having messed around with it a little and watching some of the tutorials, a question popped into my head regarding Catalyst and Omnigraffle.

           I hope this question has not already been answered but I was wondering if there were anyway to export Omnigraffle stencils in a manner to where they could be usable as components in Flash Catalyst. The well-done stencils tend to be grouped in the same manner as some of the Photoshop files I have seen used in some of the tutorials so it got me wondering if the stencils themselves could be used in the same manner.

           I hope this does not sound completely clueless, but I am still learning so please be gentle. Thanks for any help you guys can offer and I look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers!