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    Remote Server not responding to restart

    codeworker Level 1

      I followed the instrcution here and pretty sure all settings are correct. In CFB server tap I get connection and it indicates that the server is running.


      But remote server doesn't repsond to start/stop-command.


      In the console I get an error-message


      "Error(08/20 at 02:09:22) Cannot perform the operation. Admin server for the remote server mysite is not running."


      but it runs... any ideas?



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          Kiran Sakhare Level 1

          You will receive this message if Admin server is not running. To start the admin server use the adminstart.bat file from c:\coldfusion9\runtime\bin. Use command line to run this adminstart.bat file so that any error during admin start you can see.


          Some pre-checks u need to do before starting/stopping server is


          1. Make sure Admin is running

          2. Make sure server is not running as service in remote machine. If running that stop the server from services.msc

          3. Make sure you are updated with * or IP address of CFB on remote server's security.properties (c:\coldfusion9\runtime\lib\security.properties)

          4. Make sure ur able to open Admin of remote coldfusion server from CFB machine.



          If still facing the issue, send me snap shots of ur remote server setup and error msg to me.



          Kiran Sakhare