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    Contribute CS4 and CS5 file transfer (publish) problem on Windows 7 64 bit


      Have a problem with Contribute CS5 and CS4  on Windows 7 64 bit where upon editing a webiste for example to add a new page (or edit an existing one) and then clicking on "publish" a blank page appears on the website. To explain this further, If i make the required changes to the page and select the option to publish the file later then the file wirtten to the PC appears to be ok and has all the changes, but as soon as I publish it, only a blank page appears on the web server.  ie the upload (ftp) process does happen but the content of the page is being stripped out somewhere during the filt transfer process.


      I have editied the same site with CS4 on windows XP without any problems.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated


      Thank you