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    How can we enter the data dynamically from datagrid to an arraycollection?

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                   I need this urgently ... Please help me any one..



                    I have a scenario where i have not loaded  any data into the datagrid and i dont have any data in arraycollection and yes i have an empty datagrid.. the requirement is i want enter the data through from datagrid itself and those values i want to store in arraycollection...


               Here if enter any data in datagrid and that will update on arraycollection automatically and i want my datagrid editable with out loading any data to the datagrid. when datagrid is empty i want to enter the data in the datagrid dynamically and datagrid should be in a position to accept the data and update the arraycollection...



                     I think u understand my requirement ?


                          I will most thankful when u post the code here.. or give me some ideas to achieve this?



      Thanks in advance