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    Need help - We have the OUTPUT, the published file, but no source!


      Recently, a client of mine acquired their help from the original vendor who created the file. The only problem is that the vendor gave me the OUTPUT of the help files, but cannot seem to find the source (the original help source used to create the webhelp). We have the entire output though, we can run the help by calling the welcome.html file on our desktops and see the help, etc.


      How can I bring in that compiled or completed help into RoboHelp 8 and perserve most of the content? Can I import the compiled output of a help file created in R6 or R7? We don't mind if we lose the images, since we'll do new screens, but we'd like to perserve the TOC and the basic layout.


      In advance, thanks for any help or direction you can provide.