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    Webcam losing connection

    Dandi 8

      Hey, I recently installed the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 and tried recording

      stuff with my webcam.


      Initially it recorded but the audio was way out of sync, cutting out before the vid ended etc.


      Now it won't even let me record. I have my audio hardware set to Asio4All, my webcam is a Lifecam HD-5000.

      When I go to the record window, there's a yellow sign with a black exclamation mark in it next to the camera icon (it's NOT in the device manager) and every time I click record I get a "Lost connection to device" error.


      The webcam records stuff just fine in other applications like PowerDirector or Sony Vegas so it's definetely not it.
      What can I do?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I would assume that your Webcam is a USB, as it does not seem to be built into the monitor. Is that correct? If so, as with USB mics, there will likely be issues with PrE. Also, PrE is not designed for a live feed, Webcam, or other. The program for this, in the Adobe stable is On-Location, which ships and installs with PrPro.


          My advice would be to use other software for the capture, and then just Save the files for editing in PrE.


          Good luck,



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            Dandi 8 Level 1

            I don't really want to use the free solutions as they proved to be a hassle and I don't want to shell out cash for another app just to get it to record.


            If PrE wasn't designed for live recording then why does it give the option? If all other apps that I tested had no problems with it then I'm pretty sure PrE should be able to handle it, *especially* because it has a "Record from Webcam" function.


            From time to time I'm able to record something and it would seem that the video is slower than it should be, while the audio seems fine. Thus, the audio ends before the video does (video being slower).

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I still have not seen if your Web cam has a USB connection, or not.


              Good luck,



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                Dandi 8 Level 1

                Well, yes, it does. Wouldn't have said it's a Microsoft Lifecam HD-5000 if it was a built-in camera.


                It's supposedly Windows 7 compatible (well, it WAS made by Microsoft) and works quite well with Sony Vegas and PowerDirector.

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                  Dandi 8 Level 1

                  Ummm... What? o.O