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    G5 suddenly does not recognize NEF or Nikon D300 Plug in


      All of a sudden the Plug in for processing and viewing Raw (NEF) images is no longer working on my CS3 or Mac Mini
      > I have an older G5 tower and we upgraded to Leopard ( won't take Snow) and a Mini MAC upgraded to Snow leopard.
      > Adobe will NOT help us since they no longer support CS3 and we have downloaded and reinstalled CS3 again and every known plug-in
      I do not want the DNG converter work around or use the Nikon software or Lightroom...I work in bridge with clients and assistants and up until last week everything worked!    ... I do have  a New D300 S and know the CS3 will not recognize these files which actually is unfair... I am frustrated!

      the only things that changed were I upgraded my operating systems and Migrated stuff to my New IMAC which is running CS4 BEAUTIFULLY

      > Email me @ info @
      suebarr.com <http://suebarr.com/> if you know the answer, solution or have another forum, web site ect...that might be able to help
      > thanks


      Sue Barr



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your camera was supported on your old CS3 installation but isn't now, then you need to update your camera-raw to the newest version appropriate to CS3, which is ACR 4.6.


          You can confirm the version of your current ACR by doing Help / About Plugsin... / Camera RAW


          You can get the most current version by using the drop-down list at the top of this page:



          Your first post in a new thread by has >'s in it that indicate inclusion of a previous thread, and therefore it is unclear what your situation is compared to that of the previous thread that may or may not be you, so you may wish to summarize your specific situation without referring to another thread, or at least confirm that both threads are your current situation.