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    problem with cfexecute in 7.0.2 on solaris

      We've recently upgraded from 6 to 7.0.2 and one bit of code has stopped working. The majority of one of the sites is accessed via http, however, there are a limited number of documents that require users to be logged in. The application then creates a temporary symbolic link from the "regular (i.e. unsecure)" location to a different doc root that forces the page to be served via https.

      This worked fine on 6 but on 7 gives "java.io.IOException" when it gets to the cfexecute that creates the sym link. The directory permissions are the same, as are the user and group. I still have the old server available and verified that first thing. I've also made sure that the cfexecute tag is enabled in the administrator.

      Any insights would be greatly appreciated!