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    Exporting back to PowerPoint



           This is my first post here. I did do a search and did not find what I was looking for. I have a complete course that was originally developed in Power Point and then imported into Captivate ( I don't know what version, although I could probably find out.) The original power point slides are missing and I need to recover them. Is it possible to export the *.cp files back to a *.ppt file? Sorry if this is trivial.


      Arnie Berger

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          mvlele Level 3



          I could not understand what you meant by "original powerpoint slides are missing and I need to recover them". Can you please explain this part again.


          Also to answer your question, you cannot export a .cp file to a .ppt file.


          Let us know your problem in detail. We might be able to provide a solution or a workaround. Also let us know the version of Captivate and Powerpoint you are using.




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            asrberger Level 1

            Thanks for answering the question. I suspected that I could not recover a power point file that was imported into Captivate and then produced as a Captivate ( *.cp ) file. Here's the problem:


            I have a series of lessons produced in Captivate ( I don't know what version ) that were based on a set of power point slides. We are currently using Adobe Presenter to create our lessons. I don't have Captivate ( yet ) but I can view the lessons in a browser window. The original power point files are gone. No one knows where they are. In order to create new lessons in the Presenter format, as well as edit the slides and provide a narration, I need to go back to power point ( At least I think I need to go back to PowerPoint ).


            However, if I can take an existing *.cp file and open it in Captivate, edit it, and add narration, then I don't have to recreate the original PowerPoint slides.


            Anyway, here's what I did for the first lesson:


            1- Open the lesson in a browser and screen capture each slide

            2- Drop the bitmap image into PaintShop Pro and sharpen it,

            3- Painstakingly edit the graphics image, if needed,

            4- Copy the text and graphics to the clipboard and then drop them into a power point slide


            It took me about 4 hours to recreate the 60 Captivate slides into a 60 slide power point set. Now I can add narration. If you have an easier way, I'm listening!!