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    Premiere CS5 Emergency - Please Reply ASAP


      Hi everyone,


      I'm in a real jam: I've been working on an hour long movie complete with special effects and many layers of audio, and just recently PP CS5 has frozen up. It's seemed to be gradual as I've added more and more clips, now when I open my project, it will just freeze. It seemed to get much worse after I rendered my movie in PP. I've been using 1920x1080 .mov clips straight from my DSLR and putting them into PP. I have no idea what the reason is for this; is it a random CS5 glitch? Is it a codec problem? Is my footage too big for my computer (i7 + 8GB RAM + very low end GPU)? Do I need a better computer for working with footage this big?


      I would greatly appreciate any input.