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    How do I set up RAID in Vista?

    alexdejesus Level 1

      My system drive is already a RAID 0. I want to use a second pair of internal drives for media files.

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Using Vista or any OS to create a RAID array is a bad decision as it is a software array.  Unless you can create another hardware array in the BIOS it is not worth considering.  It looks as though you do not have any data on the two 1.5 GB drives so you could consider it.  But I do not understand why it shows different amounts of free space, are they identical drives?  I took a second look at your screen shot and see it was taken before formatting was complete.  Remember that you will loose any data that you subsequently have put on the drives when and if you create the array.  I hope that your 1.5 GB drives are not "green" drives as their performance is bad to start with.  We do not have enough information to tell if you have hardware RAID on your motherboard.  Even the fact that you have a dangerous RAID 0 boot does not confirm that you really have hardware RAID   HP and other off-the-shelf vendors sometimes do strange things.  It looks like you have a restore plan for the boot drive, just make sure that you keep it up to date.  Look at your manual and see what and how to use RAID at the BIOS level.  Check to see if you can have two separate RAID arrays.

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            alexdejesus Level 1

            yes, F and G are identical. sounds to me that I am better off leaving them separate drives. What do you mean by "green" and "their performance is bad to start with"?


            The C drive is RAIDed at the factory - why is that "dangerous"?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Green means they are environmentally friendly, they consume less power, because their RPM's are reduced to only 5,400, making them significantly slower than 7,200 regular disks.


              Most people hate it when they have to re-install the OS and programs, figuring out where they left their serial numbers or activation codes, especially when the new disk ID requires a new activation code to be requested over e-mail and this happens on Friday night. With a Raid0 your chances of that happening have just doubled over a single disk.

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                alexdejesus Level 1

                Harm, when do you sleep?


                Green, like my new air conditioner that just went kaput in the middle of summer!


                For whatever reason, my machine came from factory with a RAID 0 system drive 1TB. Shouldn't the increased performance change some of the rules on disk usage? For example, should I be able to keep my pagefile and project files on system drive rather than on a non-RAID drive?


                Funny thing is my two internal storage drives are NOT RAID, and I may keep them that way after what I have read. I have been searching for instructions, and I still don't know if I can set up a second RAID array on the motherboard.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  I only sleep when I don't have musquitos to keep me from sleeping. Last night they had this feeding frenzy, so I escaped to my office.


                  Raiding does change the disk rules. First of all, consider the raided disks as a single disk, that is likely the fastest one in your system. So, indeed it makes sense to keep your pagefile on that raid as well. Whether you can define two separate raid volumes depends on the Bios. Your best bet is to try it. My guess is that you can create multiple volumes, but I'm not sure.

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