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    Textarea Scroll Position

    Whitetimer Level 1

      Hi All


      I have a textarea that is populated with text dynamically.  The text is larger than the component and so i get the scrollbars appear.  When i go to view another page in the viewstack and then return to the previous page with the textarea, the scoll position does not reset to 0 ...


      So how do i do this in flex 4 ?


      Many Thanks

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          supersonicecho Level 2

          For a flex 4, spark textarea, to reset the scroll position:


          textAreaInstanceName.scroller.verticalScrollBar.value = 0;  (for a vertical scroll bar)


          textAreaInstanceName.scroller.horizontalScrollBar.value = 0;  (for a horizontal scroll bar)


          Listen for the change event on the viewStack, and reset the scroll position as needed. E.G.something like =>


          viewStackInstance.addEventListener('change', function(e):void {
               if(e.newIndex == 1) textAreaInstanceName.scroller.verticalScrollBar.value = 0;