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    More Memory vs RAID


      I am in the process of buiding a new system and have read some of the threads on RAID.With my budget I was thinking one of two paths.  First I plan to only be working with AVCHD (this is 1920 x 1080P from a Pany TM700k) and what ever FX made in AE etc, perhaps 3 - 6 timelines.  My plan was to have:


      [1T drive c: for OS and program], [Raid0 across 3 .5T drives for D: for projects and data], [1T E: for outputs] and a couple of backup drives.  6G RAM




      Same as above but 1 D: drive, no RAID and 12G or more of RAM.


      My real question is if I'm using AVCHD and enough RAM shouldn't the drive speed be a non-issue in renders and previews because everything will load into memory and run from RAM?  I can go up to 24G of RAM but would like to save some money if I don't need to go that high.


      Appreciate the wisdom of anyone on this forum.